Permanent Basis

If you’re looking for a driver to drop you; to and from work or to drive your family around then you could look into our Permanent driver portfolio. Permanent drivers are basically temporary drivers for a longer time period. Permanent drivers are on a monthly contract and can be assigned for intercity or inter-state journeys too.

We provide you with a complete and organized solution by aiding with drivers on permanent, temporary, hourly or on a contract basis. Krishna Driver Services is working on the recruitment principles and is a unique approach that reduces the client risks.

About Krishna Driver Centre

Krishna driver services is a professional driver service agency, we are India’s first and only agency to have services across India. Krishn driver focuses on recruitment principles and a unique approach that reduces the client risk. We provide you driver at your doorstep for Hourly, Local drivers, Outstation Driver, Drop Drivers, Permanent Drivers.

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